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I know I’ve been AWOL lately but I had to come out of my self-imposed blog retirement to share with you an amazing, new jewelry line, Wolf & Laurels.  The name itself is totally cute and inspiring and her shop is just adorable!

All of the wood pendants (like the one I’m wearing in the picture above) are made from exotic hardwood that is locally and sustainably sourced from high-end furniture grade salvage.  The beads are hand-shaped in West Palm Beach (my hometown! #represent) and finished with all natural, seed oil finishes.  They are made to be layered and look so good with a mixture of metals, textures, beads, and lengths.


And the best news? All my fabulous readers (if you are still around) get 10% off! Use the code: LYCLYlovesWL at checkout.

As a sidenote, if you are in need of some gorgeous wild-and-feminine inspiration – or just want to see some beautiful pics on a daily basis; check out Wolf & Laurels’ instagram.  I can’t get enough!

Thanks for reading, friends!



For Now…

I’m sure some of you have noticed my lack of posting over the past month or two.  After 2 years of continuous blogging, my drive and dedication has been failing.  As someone who has always loved brainstorming ideas for new posts, writing them daily, and taking outfit pictures – this has been hard to admit, even to myself.

It’s so strange the way life moves and changes direction for us.  When I started this little blog, I needed it in so many ways.  It allowed me to strengthen my own views on life when I had lost my voice, taught me how to use social media and the power that a ‘pop’ of color can bring, and most importantly connected me with amazing people who create beauty every day.

A quote by one of my favorite authors has been on my mind lately.  It says that a person “is free to choose his desires, and he makes these decisions with courage, detachment, and–sometimes–with just a touch of madness (Paulo Coelho).”

I am going to follow my desires where ever they take me, embrace the change that life always brings, and listen to what my heart is telling me.

Thank you all for reading and sharing this space with me.  I will continue to follow all of your inspiring, beautiful blogs.

And who knows? I might be back before I know it (my desires have a touch of madness after all).

All my love.


Baby it’s cold outside…

DSCN9010 DSCN9013

I can’t believe it’s already November!  October seemed to fly by in no time at all.  Now there are Christmas decorations out at department stores, red cups at Starbucks, and a definite bite to the air in the mornings (and sometimes all afternoon).

Time to break out the fur vests, cozy sweaters, and tall boots.  I hope you are having a wonderful week!


Blouse via TJ Maxx // Forever 21 coat // Ann Taylor leggings // Jessica Simpson boots // Premier Designs necklace // Michael Kors purse


Love Yourself: Humble Pie

photo from this website

My cosmic karma is pretty immediate.  Every time my ego starts getting out of control, the universe sends it a pretty prominent message, “YOU ARE NOT THAT COOL”.

I can think of a perfect example: I had just turned 21 and thinking I was just unstoppable because I could get right into the bars.  There I was strutting along in my highest heels telling my BFF that I just HOPED my little sister was out tonight so she could see me bypass the bouncer with ease….and the next thing I knew I was flat out on my stomach in the middle of the street, directly in front of the bar and the plethora of people waiting to get inside, with a large hole in my new jeans and a skinned knee.

I feel like I’ve been receiving this same message loud and clear recently.  I had reached a point in my career/schooling where I started thinking I knew my stuff.  I updated my CV and puffed out my chest and though I was SO cool.  Then pretty much immediately, I got a semester full of public speaking assignments plus my first ever lecturing experience…served along with a big slice of humble pie.  Sidenote: if there is something stupid to say in front of a large audience, you better believe I will open up my big mouth and say it. 

It’s hard to handle the thoughts and feelings that come after an embarrassing/failure experience; “Wow, you suck”, or “Ugh, I just looked like a total idiot”.  As someone trained in cognitive therapy, I try and reframe those thoughts into, “Wow, that is a learning experience.  How can we grow and get better?” or “Yeah, you do look like an idiot, but it’s good for your character”

As you can see, these reframes could use some work, but I think the thought behind them is important.  Failure is an inescapable part of life.  Although it might not feel that way, it can be such a valuable learning experience.

I found this list online, and I loved it.  It has subtle ways you can shift your perspective about a ‘failure’ experience.  Basically, ways to get over it, learn from it, and come out a better person.  For me, that’s accepting the fact that I’m not perfect all the time, embracing those uncomfortable feelings when humbling experiences happen, and getting right back out there and trying again.

As (allegedly) Dale Carnegie once said  “Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.”


Army Green and Stripes….



DSCN9007 DSCN8947

Pairing stripes with army green has been happening a lot in my closet.  I like how it is just slightly unexpected – especially when I add some bright extras like neon sandals or a turquoise necklace.

Do you have a combo you are loving for fall?



Asos dress // Old Navy vest // Nine West pumps // Premier designs necklace // Michael Kors purse
H&M tee // Arden B jacket // Mossimo for Target pants // Prabal Gurung for Target shoes // J Crew necklace

Must-Have Jackets…

moto jacket  fur vest jean jacketcamp jacket black blazer trench coat

These six jackets work overtime in my closet, especially now that it’s getting cooler.  They are all great basics that can be worn multiple ways (dressed up, dressed down, with other trendy pieces, etc.).  If you keep your eyes open, they also are available at many price points (both splurge and save).

What jackets can’t you get enough of?


Outfit Equations…

Maybe it’s my statistical background, but I’m always looking for a way to reduce my outfits into a foolproof formula.  Even when on pinterest or checking out other blogs, I’m looking for patterns that when used correctly make dressing super easy, but allow for a multitude of variations.   For me, the variable with the most weight in all of my equations is a great basic.

Some common Outfit Equations I find myself using:

Work = cropped trousers + pumps + blouse + blazer + big bag

Outfit Equations work

(1) The purple suit speaks for itself. (2) Lux pattern mixing makes this outfit interesting and feel like ME. (3) Red and polka dots is always a fool-proof choice

Weekend = jeans + flats + tee + cross-body + fun outerwear

Outfit equations weekend

(1) Whenever I pair stripes with pops of red, I feel very French.  (2)  Adding some sparkles to ripped up jeans makes me feel like a girly tomboy. (3)  Topping any outfit with this hat makes me feel more sophisticated (and helps cover bad hair – win-win).

Nights out = dress + jacket + bootie + clutch

Outfit Equations out

(1) That dress. ‘nough said. (2) Totally rocker-chic. (3)  Lots of leopard but still subdued.

You might say that these equations sound like pieces to normal outfits that everyone wears – and you’d be right!  They are my blue-print when I need some guidance.  The trick is to use interesting combinations to mix up your basics AND add in a statement wow-factor.  This can be an extra accessory, or it can simply be the cool-combination you chose.

To me, organizing outfits this way (even if it’s only in my mind) helps me to get dressed even when in a crunch (or staring at a too-full closet thinking ‘UGH I have nothing to wear’).  The trick is stocking my wardrobe with individual pieces that I LOVE and can combine with multiple other items in my closet (quality over quantity).  Once I started looking at dressing in this way, my shopping became less haphazard and I get much more wear out of the things I already own.

What do you ladies think?  Do you use your own outfit equations?


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